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    Digital innovation promises real-time visibility into your logistics business. You can leverage the power of technology to reinvent logistics practices, from planning to fulfilling.

    Easy logistics delivery management system

    Take Control of Your Logistics Operations

Integrated logistics and transport solutions

At Invenzo, through our IZOWhiz SAAS product we combine logistics and technology to create technical solutions that extract greater productivity from actual operations. If it is shipment identification, route of service delivery to customers, or any other real-time operational needs of logistics firms or employees, our tailored solutions can extract the best value for any operation of a logistics organization. The best part of our IZOWhiz logistics platform is that businesses will now be able to exercise strong control over their actual day-to-day operations with our IT solutions, resulting in greater profits and value from their company.

Connected Container

Outbound Operations

IZOWhiz helps you streamline operations and increase visibility to combat dynamic markets. With features like tracking, monitoring, geo-fencing and geo-tagging, you can improve container management, reporting, and asset tracking.

Warehouse Automation

AI Enabled

Our software product automates warehouse processes reducing human intervention and possibility of errors. You can organize, maintain, and control the movement and quality of inventory.

Connected Supply Chain

Optimize Process

Gain a competitive advantage across inventory management, tracking, forecasting, and shipping. With hi-tech logistics applications, manage the supply chain and increase value for customers. Our solutions are integrated with AI and IoT to provide you with control and intelligence in operations.

Vehicle Telematics

Freight Management

Manage the inbound and outbound movement of freight without compliance issues. Our dispatch technology solutions facilitate existing logistics solutions, dispatch development, field mobile apps, and dispatch scheduling. Minimize the total delivery time by optimizing routes and carriers.

Complete Order Management

Common challenges faced by majority of the logistics professionals today
Cost Affective

How much freight cost are you loosing because of vehicles being detained at your loading / unloading points?

Time Delay

How many customer’s complaints when your goods don’t reach on time and they have no information?

Safety Arrive

You are constantly finding it difficult to stay on top of all the stringent logistics safety and compliance norms?

Why Choose Invenzo For Logistics Solutions?

Invenzo's Software product is built by team comprising of experienced developers and professionals with extensive expertise in the logistics field. The product is well defined in order to address the evolving and growing needs of logistics service providers over time.

Intelligent Process Automation

Our solutions drive real-time visibility, optimise routes, increase efficiency and ensure on-time delivery. In order to minimise costs and complexity, our digital technologies help logistics partners streamline core operations using a shared system

Real-Time Tracking Of Each Assets

Using robust data processing, intelligent automation, cloud-based analytics, and simulation techniques, you can gain deeper business insights. To promote regulatory enforcement and real-time monitoring, our systems coordinate with vehicle telematics tools.

Route Optimization And Geofencing

We provide transportation companies with comprehensive route optimization and geofencing strategies to maximise vehicle efficiency and reduce fleet operating costs. Our applications track the performance of commercial motor vehicles to control them.

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