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    Intelligent Engine to Automate despatch, deliver and track resources in Real time.

    Your own logistics & fulfilment platform.

    First mile & last mile delivery automation, Tracking of orders to closure, Easy integration with ecommerce and third party systems.

Intelligent Logistics Management Software

We help you automate and deploy total logistics solutions for your On Demand, Fleet, Field Workforce Management business with izowhiz's Human Digital Interface SaaS platform.

Accurate ETA
Courier & Cargo
Last Mile Delivery
Optimized Resources
Real Time Tracking

Streamline your on field resource management

Intelligent Engine

Automate Delivery Logistics from pick up to last mile delivery

Seamless Integration

TO Deploy solution on Web and mobile and magically integrate into existing backend and accounting systems

Increase operational efficency

Schedule and allocate right person for the right job from your workforce

Enhance customer experience by On-time and On-quality delivery every time

Empower your field service workforce

Engage with the resources on field in real-time, report and issue escalation, problem history, malfunctioning equipments tools or infrastructure

Increase Productivity

Track your field workforce salesman, massage therapist, carpenters etc in Real time on the Map, with accurate ETA calculation

Resource Planning

Control and manage the resource to successfully meet the demand and supply to optimize on the time and cost

On Demand ? On time, On Quality every time

Works Automagically

Meet the toughest of SLA through AI powered Engine to handle the Resources and order fulfilment to last mile delivery

Advanced Forecast and planning

Be prepared in advance to any changes in the supply and demand part of your operations

Reverse Logistics

Handle returns of your products / services seamlessly and effortlessly without impacting the operations or productivity

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