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  • Doctor Patient Engagement with Electronic Health Record interoperability & Mobility

Intelligent Healthcare Platform

Get outpatient engagement with electronic health record mobility & interoperability with izoHealth’s Human Digital Interface SaaS platform. Immediate access to the right doctor at the right time.

OnGo Appointments
Physical and Virtual encounters
EHR Mobility
Home Service & Emergency
Peer Collaboration

Streamline your outpatient process for a happier, healthier world

Intelligent Engine

All forms of appointments made easy – In person, Chat, home healthcare and VOIP

Electronic Health Record Portability and Mobility

Patient Health records need not be with a hospital or entity alone. It will reside with the patient and can be accessible securely by any doctor based on patient’s consent & context.

Ambulatory Services redefined

Optimize resources, Support staff and overheads to manage hospital, Clinic administration

Enhance patient care by On-time and High quality engagement Anytime, Every time

Physical and Virtual Encounters

Engage with Doctors, Entities on the go in real-time with patient problem history irrespective of either a physical or virtual appointment

Preventive Care

Be well read and knowledgeable about preventive healthcare

Instant & Secure access to Historical records

Control the access of medical records and history. Patient decides who will see, what will they see and when will they see.

Engagement – Doctor Referral

Referral to Peers and Institutions

Refer patients to other doctors, clinics and institutions seamlessly

Connect Entity, Location and Providers seamlessly

Easy creation of entity, location and providers and dynamic mapping

Simplifying Administration

Having an enterprise view of Doctor Patient engagement. Configure Notifications.