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    Deliver the right product at the right place and right time through our Omnichannel Retail suite of components and Solution along with hyperlocal fulfilment.

    Transform your brand holistically through our Intelligent Omnichannel Retail Software

    Grow your brand through innovative technology platform implementation & data driven customer insights


Our platform suite of components and solutions will help you create a truly satisfying omnichannel customer experience

Building lasting & meaningful relationships with customers is the catalyst for technological innovation. Consumer Goods brands need to build highly personalized trust-based engagement with its customers irrespective of which channel customer uses to interact.

Want to have a better grasp of dynamics of digital landscape?

A fundamental differentiator between legacy brands and digitally native vertically integrated newer age consumer goods brands is how they understand the dynamics of the digital landscape and act on them quickly.

Our platforms and solutions are equipped with the right set of components that is needed to achieve these goalsBenefits for your organization include and are not limited to:

  • Effective cross sell/upsell harmonized across all sales channels and touch points
  • Scalability with Better Unit Economics – Pushing of stock at right time, right amount at right place (Channel)
  • Standardized product content syndication across all channels enabling quicker purchasing decisions by customers
  • Cost per order decrease through “effective” hyperlocal delivery
  • Enhanced customer experience by simulating customer experiences and wants across all channels
  • Intelligent Logistics
  • Smart Retail POS for store intelligence gathering
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Build trust based engagement with your consumers

Demanding retailers and Dynamic consumers
Irrespective of your industry type, you will need to create holistic experience, engage and connect to communicate your brand relevance across all aspects of consumer engagement. In an ever-changing digital landscape, our platform and solutions helps you achieve the same through our suite of omni tech retail components and solutions

Our platform Suite of components and solutions

Our suite of products power the need of harmonized Retail, Omnichannel Sales and Hyper local delivery. It is designed to make operation smoother for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide a holistic Omnichannel experience to their customers.

Product Information Management (PIMS)

PIMS is envisaged as a centralized platform to manage all product data and information required to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data, content management and flow across multiple sources, applications and enterprises like aggregators & drop-shipment or franchise partners.

Multichannel Order Management

Single unified one source of truth for all the orders irrespective of which channels they are from. Track & trace. Maintain similar order SLA levels across different customer touchpoints.

Store Connect

Store connector is envisioned as an app to service orders from the nodes which can be branches, stores, warehouse, dark store etc….Store connector thereby is designed to achieve a seamless hyperlocal fulfillment service for the end customers

Custome Branded Webstore

Custom branded webstore approach to respect different businesses' approach and respective customer journey's across different domains.

Consumer Apps

Native apps both Android and iOS to suit customers needs if and when its required. These apps are highly scalable and proven already in real business scenarios

Loyalty Management

Loyalty management in terms of Rewards and recignition for come back customers to maintain stickiness. Increase repurchase rates.


Multi-Warehouse management system for maintaining stocks across different nodes.

Hyperlocal Fulfilment

Achieve faster sourcing time with Hyperlocal fulfilment to ensure goods get delivered from nearest possible sourcing node.

Smart POS Retail

Smart Connected POS in your counter provisioned for both OTC or On-delievry sales.Delight customers with offers or promotions.

Campaigns & Promotions Management

Design & run cascading campaigns accross different channels. Recommended campaigns based on Insights & data with respect to historical sales channel mix and/or seasonality

Third Party Integrations

Third party channel integrations like Dunzo, Swiggy, Zomato & Amazon. Pre-integrated and low cost payment partners to help you get started quickly.

Seller & Franchise Management

Manage sellers/franchises or Dropshipment partners through our Intelligent, intuitive and multifaceted Seller Portal systems.

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