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  • Pharmacy

    Online Pharmacy businesses or brands have adopted real Omnichannel Retail technology as a proven solution for bringing the right harmony in offline & online customer touchpoints

    Curated Omni-Commerce software for Pharmacy, Healthcare & Wellness

    Delivering on the promise of Customer expectations

    • Product Management (RX/NRX) & Pre-Integrated Marketplaces & Multichannel / node Order Management & Hyperlocal Store Connect

Deliver on Your Customer's Terms

Any order, any channel
Invenzolabs’s Izoleap Platform enables organizations to compose and deliver consistent Order SLAs with respect to any output channel for seamless customer experience in the customer's preferred channel.

Product Information Management (PIMS)

Intelligent PIMS to make sure Product Information is enriched & subsequently published across various channels, aggregate platforms or dropshipment partners.Handle compelexities of Pharmacy products like Rx/Non-Rx, multiple product batch expiry/price with ease

Manage Multichannel Orders & Prescription Orders

Handle orders and track from a single dashbaord. Validate prescription uploads and take orders. Define business rules and logics with approval workflow.Maintain order SLAs with 95% confidence limits

Hyperlocal Store Connect

Store connector is envisioned as an app to service orders from the nodes which can be branches, stores, warehouse, dark store etc….Store connector thereby is designed to achieve a seamless hyperlocal fulfillment service for the end customers

Easy MDM/ERP connect

Izoleap can easily be used as a plug and play software on top of your Organizations' existing ERP/MDM or accounting software. This makes sure that there is least disruption in terms of existing operational workflows

Offers & Promotions

Design & run cascading campaigns accross different channels. Recommended campaigns based on Insights & data with respect to historical sales channel mix and/or seasonality

Marketplace Selling Support

Integrated Marketlace aggregators to help you start selling faster... Pre-integrated and low cost payment partners to help you get started quickly.

How Are You Evolving with the Changing Pharmacy & Healthcare Business Landscape

Each day, the needs and requirements for customer experience is changing. More than ever, organizations need a flexible Omnichannel Retail tech platform that can pivot with the needs of the complex Store/Framchise network. Invenzo Lab's Izoleap platform has been developed with a Microservices/Kubernetes based architecture for companies/brands seeking dynamic scale up enabling them to handle large transactions volume across each customer touchpoints and improve customer experience – all while adhering to strict regulations and privacy and security requirements.

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The Power to Scale through your own Omni-Commerce Software

Our platforms and solutions are equipped with the right set of components that is needed to achieve these goals.Benefits for your organization include and are not limited to:

  • Effective cross sell/upsell harmonized across all sales channels and touch points
  • Scalability with Better Unit Economics – Pushing of stock at right time, right amount at right place (Channel)
  • Standardized product content syndication across all channels enabling quicker purchasing decisions by customers
  • Cost per order decrease through “effective” hyperlocal delivery
  • Enhanced customer experience by simulating customer experiences and wants across all channels
  • Smart Retail POS for store intelligence gathering
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