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  • Large Enterprise

    Size and Scale matters

    Data Driven, AI enabled, Hyperlocal customer experience

    Utilize in-built as well as external machine learning algorithms to capture and perform data analysis. Use data & Metrics to focus on sales and new customer acquisition, user base and track attribution, campaigns


Technology should enable you to scale easily and empower your users to serve customers better

Leverage multi-tiered, Microservices & cloud-based architecture built for scale and to provide high throughput.There are a number of benefits in microservices & cloud-based architecture. These are as below:

  • Because each service is focused on only a small part they can be more lightweight and much faster performance-wise.
  • Also, since it’s just API calls. It is possible to have different languages (technology stack) for different services. For example, there could be a notification service made in NodeJS. So, it’s not necessary to be only Lumen or Laravel.
  • Each service can be scaled depending on usage. In short, could be a great architecture for a large performance heavy application.


Customers demand more personalized experiences and the only way to meet this demand is by understanding their preferences better; it will be different for different types of customers. Since almost every interaction with the customer is digital, goal is to collect huge amounts of customer data, including demographics, psychographics and behavioural data. We will be putting them all together and deriving actionable insights out of them for merchandising and marketing decisions. Machine learning algorithms will assess individual customer inventory and behaviour data to predict exactly what they want. It can also deep dive into complex journey analytics and expose opportunities that you didn’t know even existed so that you can provide hyper-personalized experiences to your customers.


Maintain and manage a central System of Truth for all data pertaining to Product Management within an Omni Channel business model. Platform product data reduces related discrepancies and provides a uniform dataset for various systems ingesting or utilizing product data during the supply chain process. Manage all product data and information required to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in product data, content integration and flow across multiple channels and or applications

Our Suite of Digital tools & Omni Tech components

Choose what you need for your business

Product Information Management (PIMS)

PIMS is envisaged as a centralized platform to manage all product data and information required to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data, content management and flow across multiple sources, applications and enterprises like aggregators & drop-shipment or franchise partners.

Multichannel Order Management

Single unified one source of truth for all the orders irrespective of which channels they are from. Track & trace. Maintain similar order SLA levels across different customer touchpoints.

Store Connect

Store connector is envisioned as an app to service orders from the nodes which can be branches, stores, warehouse, dark store etc….Store connector thereby is designed to achieve a seamless hyperlocal fulfillment service for the end customers

Custome Branded Webstore

Custom branded webstore approach to respect different businesses' approach and respective customer journey's across different domains.

Consumer Apps

Native apps both Android and iOS to suit customers needs if and when its required. These apps are highly scalable and proven already in real business scenarios

B2b Automation & Field Sales Assist

Drive B2b automation with respect to X-ray view of your sales right to through secondary sales channels. Drive and automate salesmen induced purchases both in-store or outdoor/territory sales.


Multi-Warehouse management system for maintaining stocks across different nodes.

Hyperlocal Fulfilment

Achieve faster sourcing time with Hyperlocal fulfilment to ensure goods get delivered from nearest possible sourcing node.

Smart POS Retail

Smart Connected POS in your counter provisioned for both OTC or On-delievry sales.Delight customers with offers or promotions.

Campaigns & Promotions Management

Design & run cascading campaigns accross different channels. Recommended campaigns based on Insights & data with respect to historical sales channel mix and/or seasonality

Third Party Integrations

Easy on top third party integrations such as Payment Gateway,SMS gateway, ERP & Logistics partners.Pre-integrated and low cost payment partners to help you get started quickly and save money.

Seller & Franchise Management

Manage sellers/franchises or Dropshipment partners through our Intelligent, intuitive and multifaceted Seller Portal systems.

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