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    Connected and seamless solution to manage your online, offline and online-to-offline channels.

Izoleap is an omniChannel digital transformation platform for B2B, B2C and B2B2C use cases that adds end-to-end value for brands of all sizes.

Manage products, orders, customers, users, stores, warehouses, inventory, campaigns, promotions under one roof. Powers a punch yet is simple, intuitive and easy-to-use.



Unified Presence

Process and track orders, create and manage inventory across web, mobile and social media channels

PIMS & Multichannel Publishing

Synchronize your product data & catalogues with ERP systems, enrich and manage product data. Make your product data smart. Seamless multi-channel publishing, Intelligent tag management, Elastic Search and attribute management

Intuitive Multichannel Order management

Centralized Order Management System (OMS) for both B2B and B2C. Allows holistic view and analysis of B2C and B2B product sales, seasonal and geographic demand

Never let back-end operations block you from reaching
the full potential of your business.

Multi-Warehousing & Inventory Management

One-stop view of flow of Inventory across different networks B2b/B2c as well as channel inventory. Bird’s eye view of stocks lying across different locations and movement of items across warehouse/hub networks.

Hyperlocal Servicing/ On-Demand

Multi-warehouse/hubs/node facility and geo fenced tagging helps power brands to show relevant products to customers as per the location. Through Izoleap’s Store Connect App, brands or businesses can convert the existing warehouses/stores to dynamic fulfilment or last mile Hub centres where real-time orders are fetched and are packed & processed and delivered in fastest time possible.

Channelize an effective Strategy towards O2O (Offline to Online)

The gap that we are trying to plug in is that Businesses selling in different channels do not have a connect between their offline and online sales distribution channels. In most of the businesses both these work independently which restricts businesses to assess potential of more sales through recommendations/campaigns/real-time monitoring and movement of goods/improved operations.


KPI Improvement/Benefits

We drive value in terms of retention of customers and also driving efficiency in different legs of supply chains/internal operations. Some of the KPIs that our clients have experienced after using our software product are like increase in sales by 20 %, reduction in out of stock rate by 10%, decrease of cost of servicing an order by 25%, achieving higher inventory turnover rate and last but not the least adhering to increased service SLA’s (> 95%) thereby increasing customer trust (lesser unhappy customers/stakeholders) which ultimately leads to business growth.

Holistic Omnichannel Digital Transformation

We have proven used cases in terms of driving better economies of scale and reduction of costs through reduction of FTEs/resources. As the retail world is drifting towards Omni- channel and hyper-local era, businesses can quickly lose out on competition if the sales channel operations are not optimised or internal operations are not efficient.

Intelligent Systems for better planning

Our systems are intelligent and helps eliminate inefficiencies because of manual intervention & processes. A case in point is our Merchandise Flow Manager algorithm that helps achieve the dynamic routing of orders to various stores as per business rule/SLA standards

Our platform Suite of components and solutions

Demanding retailers and Dynamic consumers

Our suite of products power the need of harmonized Retail, Omnichannel Sales and Hyper local delivery. It is designed to make operation smoother for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide a holistic Omnichannel experience to their customers.

Product Information Management (PIMS)

PIMS is envisaged as a centralized platform to manage all product data and information required to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data, content management and flow across multiple sources, applications and enterprises like aggregators & drop-shipment or franchise partners.

Multichannel Order Management

Single unified one source of truth for all the orders irrespective of which channels they are from. Track & trace. Maintain similar order SLA levels across different customer touchpoints.

Store Connect

Store connector is envisioned as an app to service orders from the nodes which can be branches, stores, warehouse, dark store etc….Store connector thereby is designed to achieve a seamless hyperlocal fulfillment service for the end customers

Custome Branded Webstore

Custom branded webstore approach to respect different businesses' approach and respective customer journey's across different domains.

Consumer Apps

Native apps both Android and iOS to suit customers needs if and when its required. These apps are highly scalable and proven already in real business scenarios

Loyalty Management

Loyalty management in terms of Rewards and recignition for come back customers to maintain stickiness. Increase repurchase rates.


Multi-Warehouse management system for maintaining stocks across different nodes.

Hyperlocal Fulfilment

Achieve faster sourcing time with Hyperlocal fulfilment to ensure goods get delivered from nearest possible sourcing node.

Smart POS Retail

Smart Connected POS in your counter provisioned for both OTC or On-delievry sales.Delight customers with offers or promotions.

Campaigns & Promotions Management

Design & run cascading campaigns accross different channels. Recommended campaigns based on Insights & data with respect to historical sales channel mix and/or seasonality

Third Party Integrations

Third party channel integrations like Dunzo, Swiggy, Zomato & Amazon. Pre-integrated and low cost payment partners to help you get started quickly.

Seller & Franchise Management

Manage sellers/franchises or Dropshipment partners through our Intelligent, intuitive and multifaceted Seller Portal systems.

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